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Mr. Shuangrui Yu
Ph.D student


  • Wei, Y., Yu, S., Jin, P., Huang, L., Elsherbiny, K., & Tezdogan, T. (2024). Coupled analysis between catenary mooring and VLFS with structural hydroelasticity in waves. Marine Structures93, 103516.

  • Zhang, D., Du, J., Yuan, Z., Yu, S., & Li, H. (2023). Motion characteristics of large arrays of modularized floating bodies with hinge connections. Physics of Fluids, 35(7).

  • Zhang, M., Yu, S. R., Chung, K. S., Chen, M. L., & Yuan, Z. M., (2023). Time-optimal path planning and tracking based on nonlinear model predictive control and its application on automatic berthing, Ocean Engineering, 286, 115228.

  • Li, T., Zhang, M., Yu, S. R., & Yuan, Z. M. (2022, June). Real-Time Control of WECs Based on NAR, NARX and LSTM Artificial Neural Network. In The 32nd International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference. OnePetro.

Research Interests

In order to control the motion of floating bodies and produce power at the same time, hydrodynamics and some control algorithms need to be considered here.

Newton's Pendulum

Multibody hydrodynamics

Hinged bodies have the same motion in constrained directions at the hinge point.

Image by JJ Ying

Model Predictive Control

Model predictive control is a perfect tool to realize real-time control.

Wind Mills

Floating wind turbine

The motion of floating wind turbines is much larger than the fixed ones.

Liquid Drop

Optimal control

Pontryagin's Maximum Principle tells us how to maximize the cost function in limited time horizion.

Dark Waves

Wave-induced motion

The fluid memory effects in time-domain motion can be fitted by Cummins equation.

Water Pipe

Discrete control

Latching control allows device to "wait for" the wave force; declutching control allows device to "catch up" the wave.

Results Gallery

The increase in power absorption is realized as a "side effect" of the motion reduction of the Spar-type substructure.

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