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HOREL: Hydrodynamics & Ocean Renewable Laboratory @ Strathclyde

We are a young team. We are an interdisciplinary research group. We are pursuing our interests. We are doing cutting-edge researches. That is HOREL.

We work on waves, ships, WECs, FOWTs, platforms. We also work on swimmers, fishes, ducks and falling leaves. We are interested in waves generated by a rain drop. We are also interested in hydrodynamics of a floating island.

Welcome to HOREL! Welcome to join us!


Dr. Zhi-Ming Yuan, Director of HOREL

Group photo 5th annual Oct 2022-2_edited
Team Members

Dr. Zhi-Ming Yuan


Director of HOREL

Dr. Ming Zhang


Research Associate

Guangwei Zhao

PhD  stiudent

Yihan Liu

PhD  stiudent

Shuangrui Yu

PhD student

Fengshen Zhu

PhD student


PhD student

Our Latest News 

Our Services
Ocean Engineering

Hydrodynamic problems when the ship enters a lock;

Maritime Hydrogen Highway;

Sea train.

Fundamental Research

Wave attenuation study of submerged horizontal flexible plate;

Multi-body hydrodynamics.

Cross-disciplinary Research

Development of a novel wave-motion prediction model based on deep machine learning algorithms;

Real-time control system of ship manoeuvirng

Wave measurement by image processing;

Control of floating wind turbines based on machine learning algorithms.

Our Latest Research 

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